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Payment instructions for PayMe

Please follow the instructions below to make payment.

1. If you are a mobile phone user, please click here to open the PayMe application, and then go on to the next step.

However, if you are using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, please open the PayMe application on your mobile phone, click on the upper right to open the scanner, and scan the QR code below.

PayMe QR code

2. Enter the order amount and click "Next".

3. Enter your order number (such as #1234) in the message field.

4. Click "Pay a business".

5. After completing the payment, please take a screenshot of the successful payment, then click here to WhatsApp to +852 9609 9876, and provide the payment date and time, and your order number.

After verifying the payment for your order, we will confirm to you that the payment has been received.

If you have not received the payment confirmation within two working days after completing the above steps, please contact us proactively.


If you fail to provide a screenshot of the completed payment, we will not be able to verify it. The relevant order will be regarded as "unpaid."