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The Language of Eternal Flowers

Posted on February 16 2020

A girl holding fresh cut flowers


Compared with flowers that are easy to wither, many people prefer to give eternal flowers, because eternal flowers are not only beautiful and moving, but also have a romantic meaning. Its flower language is: eternal love. Love has no object. It can be love, friendship, family relationship, or teacher-student relationship.

Lovers like to send eternal flowers to loved ones on Valentine's Day or anniversary. Eternal flowers symbolize love that never fades, and represent a commitment to love. Love has no freshness period, and every day is a honey love. Maybe the passion is no longer with the passage of time, but the sweetness of time always makes people smile involuntarily. In the vast crowd, it is the happiest and most romantic thing to find the guardian in the most important position in my heart.

In addition to symbolizing eternal love, the eternal flower also symbolizes the enduring friendship. Many times, when life circles gradually become different, ideas and values ​​will change, but true friendship will only be stronger and will not change due to distance from one another. Differences between good friends will only deepen each other's feelings. Giving a small gift at the right time will also make friendship deeper, but more importantly, a heartfelt expression of the cherishment of this hard-won friendship. Many people will give eternal flowers on special days such as birthdays, graduations, marriages, parties, awards, and vacations for friends or colleagues.

Can not break up, pull constantly, that is blood relatives thicker than water. The eternal flower also symbolizes eternal love. Family relationship is always the most important. It will not alienate us from our family because of the passage of time. No matter how long the time comes, our parents will always be our support. No matter where you are, there will always be someone waiting for you to go home, no matter how far you fly, there will always be someone who cares about you. In this world, only family love is selfless dedication, no grudge Remorse and ask nothing in return. As children, we are the luckiest.