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How to celebrate Valentine's Day under COVID-19

Posted on February 08 2021

How to celebrate Valentine's Day under COVID-19

How to celebrate Valentine's Day under COVID-19... 

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Originally the Spring Festival and Valentine's Day were happy and sweet days. But because this new type of coronary pneumonia came too suddenly. In the face of the epidemic, countless staff are still sticking to their posts, and maybe they can't get together on Valentine's Day. Can't go out to party. But I believe that Valentine's Day 2021 is destined to be an unforgettable day for everyone.

1. Carefully prepare a bouquet of roses for a romantic candlelight dinner It can be said that most girls like roses. On Valentine's Day in previous years, roses were sold all over the streets on the eve of Valentine's Day. Roses represent a strong and sincere love. Just think about boys holding roses, etc. The girl's scene is already very romantic, and the moment the girl receives the flower, it must be pleasantly surprised.

2. Prepare a surprise gift Preparing Valentine’s Day gifts is also a romantic way, because you need to prepare in advance. In this preparation process, you may need to spend time and energy. For those preparing, it is a pleasant surprise to see the other party receiving a gift. Everything is It's worth it, and the party receiving the gift is more moved while being pleasantly surprised. In addition to the above methods, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in previous years, but this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, flower markets cannot be opened, and flower vendors cannot do business. Those flowers can only wither in the fields; restaurants, movie theaters Basically, it cannot be opened. The shops are selectively open and the traffic is also affected. In other words, there is basically no way to carry out the Valentine's Day activities that can be thought of in previous years. In fact, the theme of Valentine’s Day is to express love. In such a special period, every festival becomes special. In addition to expressing love between couples, Valentine’s Day can also express love to respected people and family members. To express great love, to all the staff who are fighting the epidemic on the front line, not to be afraid of the virus, to move forward courageously, and to fight for more happiness for everyone.

3. Do a good job of safety protection, wash hands frequently and ventilate. Clean indoors, wear a mask, and try to avoid going out.

4. Couples can do something meaningful at home, such as whether you have not made a meal together for a long time due to work reasons, how long have you not written a letter to each other in the face of the Internet age, how long have you not played games together . After all, life is precious because it is ordinary.

5. For couples in different places, although you are separated from each other and cannot reach each other, you can make a video call or a simple greeting. The distance is the distance. But never miss each other. Finally, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day 2021 will be unforgettable because it is special. During the epidemic, everyone will take good care and pay tribute to the medical staff. You must also pay attention to your health. We look forward to the epidemic as soon as possible. Add Oil Hong Kong!