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Brands and Origins of Eternal Flowers

Posted on August 11 2019

Brands and Origins of Eternal Flowers


The production process of eternal flower is very strict, and the loss is particularly high, so the price is much more expensive than that of flowers. Although the eternal flower is currently one of the best-selling flower products in the world, due to technical constraints, the flower quality of the eternal flower in the mainland of China is still not the same as the imported eternal flower. Knowledge and understanding of the flower material will make it easier for us to distinguish the quality of the eternal flower or to create the eternal flower art product. The following is a brief introduction to the common brands of imported eternal flowers and the characteristics of each brand of flowers.

Origin: Japan
Preserving is arguably one of the most well-known and commonly used eternal flower brands. The flower heads are produced in northeastern Japan and Yunnan, China. Its biggest feature is the complete variety of flowers, rich colors and stable quality. The flower materials are mainly light-colored and small flower heads, and the dark-colored flowers are easy to fade. Do not put dark-colored and light-colored flowers together during storage. The most commonly used are roses and Austin. The former has a round flower shape, compact petals, flat flower heads and clear veins; the latter has a round flower shape, large heads, and many petals, but the flower core is easy to loose. It must be glued before use. In addition, rose petals are thin, and it is easy to cause slight fragmentation during transportation. Among the major brands, Preserving has the most abundant flowers (leafwood, fruits).

Origin: Colombia
Florever is from Colombia and has since grown in Japan, leading the way in eternal flower cultivation and production technology. Florever's flowers are slightly cheaper than Dadi Farm. The flower pattern is more three-dimensional. The petals roll out. The petals are thick but few in number. It is suitable for round holding flowers and round shapes. There are many retro colors and it is not easy to fade, but it will become transparent when wet.

Origin: Ecuador
Verdissimo has many bright-colored flowers. The pattern is similar to that of Florever. It is also three-dimensional. The petals roll out and the number of petals is small. However, the vd flower material has thin petals, and the packaging is stiff and not easy to be damaged. The small flower head of 2-3cm is better to use.

Origin: Ecuador
Primavera's flower head is the closest to the flower. The flower stem is particularly long. The light color and vintage color are beautiful. The small flower head of 2-3cm is better to use.

Origin: Ecuador
Amorosa dark flowers have good quality flowers and thick petals. The price is the most expensive among several imported flower brands. Amorosa's Austin flower head is round and flat, with tight petals, which is very suitable for wrist flowers.

Rose Amor
Origin: Ecuador
Roseamor is the world's largest producer of eternal flowers. The flowers are known for their thick petals and vibrant colors. They are also true giant rose producers. Rose Amor has a small variety of flowers, mainly roses, and large flower heads. Commonly used are 5-6cm and 7-8cm. Dark-colored roses have a velvety texture, are very beautiful, and the flowers are not easy to fade.