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Comparison of Eternal Flowers with Soap Flowers

Posted on September 15 2019

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Soap flower, also known as pansy flower, or scented flower, is a kind of artificial flower that originated from Thai soap carving. This carving technique can be traced back to 700 years ago, while modern carving began in the 1930s. The teacher is famous for sculpting fruits and vegetables into amazing shapes. Later, he even sculpted soap into exquisite roses. From this, today's soap flowers were born. So which one is better, soap flower or eternal flower?

At present, there are many methods for making soap flower, but no matter which method is used, the appearance and texture of the soap flower will never replace the real flowers, but the eternal flower looks like a flower and the texture is the same. However, in addition to the appearance and texture that cannot match the real flower of the eternal flower, the soap flower has the fragrance that the eternal flower does not have, because the soap flower is made with soap, and the key flower of the eternal flower is already in the processing process. Lost, no longer scent, can only be added by aromatherapy essential oils to make it volatile.

In addition to being used for ornamental purposes, soap flowers made using standard materials can indeed be used for hand washing and bathing. It is very environmentally friendly. This is impossible for the eternal flower. Or, this is not the original intention of making the eternal flower. The purpose of developing this preservation technology is to retain the beauty of flowers.

Due to the low raw materials and manufacturing costs, the price of soap flower is very cheap, while the flower of eternal life is the opposite, so it is many times more expensive than soap flower.

Eternal flower and soap flower have their own advantages and disadvantages, everyone should carefully consider their needs before making a decision.