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Comparison of Eternal Flowers with Silk Flowers

Posted on September 08 2019

silk flowers in vase


Silk flower is also called artificial flower or imitation flower. It originated in China and is a kind of artificial flower. It is often used in wedding flowers, business and home decoration. Everyone may not be unfamiliar with silk flowers, but eternal flowers have emerged in recent years. What is the difference between the two? Let's compare them together.

Silk flowers are made of silk cloth, flannel, plastic, etc. Silk flowers made with different materials or technologies have different degrees of simulation. Silk flowers with high simulation are generally more expensive. Eternal flowers are made from real flowers. Because high-quality flower materials and processing technology depend on imports, high-quality eternal flowers are not cheap. For how to distinguish the quality of eternal flower, please refer to How to Select Eternal Flower Calyx.

The silk flower and the eternal life flower will never fade, but after a long time, the appearance will change. Some plastic materials in silk flowers will gradually fade or turn yellow, and the flannelette ribbon packaging is also prone to sticking to dust; eternal life flowers will also slowly fade due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays in the environment, so you need to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Although high-quality eternal flowers and high-quality silk flowers are not cheap and have a shelf life, they are longer than flowers that can only be stored for up to 2 weeks, and they have a great advantage that they have no seasonal restrictions This is also the biggest disadvantage of flowers. Some flower varieties can only be bought in certain seasons. However, the raw materials of silk flowers are readily available, and even seasonal flowers can be placed for a period of time after being made into an eternal flower, so there is no seasonal limit.

As there are no seasonal restrictions, the selectivity of flower materials has increased, and silk flowers do. However, the preservation methods for making eternal flowers have technical limitations. Only certain flower materials such as roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, starry sky, cherry blossoms, phalaenopsis, plumeria, calla, sun flower, gerbera , Ping-Pong Chrysanthemum, Blue Star Flower, Tulip, Jasmine, etc., so the choice of eternal flower is much less than silk flower.

Silk flowers and eternal flowers also have the advantage that they do not have pollen, which allows people or pets sensitive to pollen to approach . However, they are also fragrance free. The materials used to make the filigree flower have no odor, and the eternal life flower also loses the original aroma of the flower because of the loss of odor molecules during processing. Therefore, eternal flowers and silk flowers need to add its fragrance to increase its appeal. Eternal flower can use aromatherapy essential oil, while silk flower can only use perfume, but the perfume is easy to volatilize, and the fragrance cannot be maintained for a long time.

Eternal flowers and silk flowers have their own advantages and disadvantages, so when making a purchase  choice, it is more about the use and purpose. For example, gifts usually only give real flowers, but not fake flowers; wedding flowers are now more and more people use silk flowers, because the current degree of simulation of silk flowers is already very high, without special care, lighter than flowers, And it is more able to withstand collisions, but many people still use flowers, or choose eternal flowers that can be kept as commemorative flowers, but are expensive. Home furnishings are suitable for both, depending on personal needs.