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Comparison of Eternal Flowers with Fresh Flowers

Posted on August 25 2019

fresh cut red roses


Although flowers are beautiful, they will eventually wither. Since ancient times, people have tried every means to retain the beauty of flowers, which has led to various preservation techniques, so that beautiful flowers are no longer a flash in the pan. Live up to the expectations of those who love flowers. In recent times, due to the development of civilization and technology, a more advanced fresh-cut flower preservation technology has been born, which is by far the most perfect fresh-cut flower preservation technology. The flowers preserved by this technique are called forever flowers or eternal flowers (in fact, they are actually the mummy in the plant world). We will discuss in detail the differences between eternal flowers and fresh flowers and their advantages and disadvantages.

After the flowers are cut into fresh-cut flowers, they can only be stored for a few days to about two weeks. But flowers preserved by technology can be preserved longer than flowers. The eternal flower is the longest one, it will never fade, and as long as it maintains the right temperature and humidity, it can stay for 3 to 5 years without fading.

However, the appearance of the eternal flower is really the same as that of the flowers, except that there are more choices of colors, because it has undergone the process of decoloring and re-staining. But this is not the main reason why eternal flowers are expensive. Eternal flowers are much more expensive than fresh-cut flowers, mainly because the production and processing of flowers are mostly imported from Japan, Ecuador, Colombia and other countries.

Indeed, some eternal flowers are cheaper. From the perspective of those who are not familiar with the eternal flower, the eternal flowers may be the same, but the eternal flowers also have different qualities. Mainland China also manufactures eternal flowers, from production to processing. In fact, the flowers of the Japanese land farm are all imported from China. Mainland China flower farmers grow flower materials and export the highest quality flower materials. Domestically sold flower materials are secondary. When the secondary flower material is processed into eternal flowers, a batch of secondary eternal flowers are circulated on the market, and it is cheaper. For how to distinguish the quality of eternal flower, please refer to How to choose eternal flower.

Because the eternal flower still retains the liquid, the texture of the flower will be as soft and delicate as a flower, and the weight is about the same as that of a fresh-cut flower. The flower bouquet, which must keep the branches, is much lighter, and the ladies who love to take pictures will not feel tired soon.

In addition to the lack of branches, the eternal flower has no pollen, which makes people or pets allergic to pollen accessible to it, so there is less worry and consideration when giving gifts. But the eternal flower is not perfect, it has lost its original fragrance after processing. But the smell and appearance are the main reasons why people love flowers. At this point eternal flower can never compare with natural flowers. The scentless eternal flower can only be volatile like a flower by adding additional aromatherapy essential oils.

Due to the technical limitations of the processing process, there are actually not many types of flowers that can produce eternal flowers. Common roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, starry sky, cherry blossoms, phalaenopsis, plumeria, calla lily, sun flower , Gerbera, ping-pong daisy, blue star flower, tulip, jasmine and so on. However, there are many types of flowers, which makes people who only love certain varieties of flowers can only choose flowers for the time being. However, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, new varieties of eternal flowers and flowers are appearing on the market one after another, and there will be more choices in the future than now.

I have to mention two shortcomings of the eternal flower. During the processing process, due to the complicated treatment of flowers, the petals sometimes show slight cracks, which does not affect the appearance of the flower product, but if you look closely, you will still see that for those who are looking for perfection, they may need to choose carefully when buying . The other is that two flowers of different shades are put together. If the storage environment is not good, there may be a chance of dyeing over time. However, not all brands of eternal flowers are easy to dye, so it depends on which brand is used. Eternal flower floral material.

Eternal flowers and fresh-cut flowers have their own advantages and disadvantages, everyone should carefully consider their needs before making purchase decision.