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What's a good gift for graduation? 5 must-have graduation gifts

Posted on November 07 2019

What's a good gift for graduation? 5 must-have graduation gifts.


Graduation is an inevitable stage in life, meaning the end of a stage and a new beginning in life. Such a memorable day, of course, I hope that friends and relatives can come to accompany and spend this memorable day together. If you are about to participate in the graduation ceremony of friends and relatives, and you are upset about what graduation gift should you prepare? Then take a good look. The 5 graduation gifts selected by the editor must be gifts.

Is it common sense to take photos at the graduation ceremony? So giving a gift also needs to take this into consideration, but at the same time it is best to save it for a longer time, which will make more sense.

A) Dried Flowers / Preserved Flowers Bouquet

Dried Flowers / Preserved Flowers Bouquet

I believe that the bouquet without the recommendation of the editor is a must-have gift for the graduation ceremony, which represents a blessing. I hope that the other party can have a beautiful future, and it is a necessary prop for taking photos and punching cards. But if you send a flower bouquet, you can only save it for several days to several weeks. Therefore, in recent years, many people will instead send dried flower bouquets, which can be stored for one to two years, can be placed at home for decoration, and can be missed from time to time.

In fact, in addition to dried flowers, I also highly recommend that you can choose to preserve flower bouquets. Preserved flowers are made from flowers, but they can be stored for 2 years or more due to special treatment, and their appearance is no different from flowers. Therefore, the problem of the relatively dark color of dried flowers is eliminated. But of course, dried flowers have their own special styles. You can choose according to your preferences.

B) Featured Bouquet

Featured Bouquet

In addition to bouquets made with real flowers, in recent years many different bouquets have also appeared, and many of them are mainly food. For example, Stoller bouquets, snack bouquets, fruit and vegetable bouquets, etc. Innovative, fun and environmentally friendly, you can share it with your classmates after playing the card.

C) Balloon

After the bouquet, balloons are also necessary to punch in. In recent years, when I open the Instagram / Facebook page, I will see many graduation pictures with balloons. The most popular one is believed to be a big transparent balloon. You can add small balloons / feathers to the balloon, which is very dreamy. And you can also make congratulatory words and names on balloons, which is also very memorable. Air-filled balloons can be stored for about a week, while floating balloons can be stored for 6 to 8 hours.

4) Graduation doll

Graduation dolls can be counted as distinctive graduation gifts in Hong Kong. I don't know when it started, and it was popular for graduates to hold a graduation doll. There are many custom-made graduation dolls on the market. You can choose your favorite cartoon dolls, customize a set of graduation gowns and square hats for your dolls, and embroider your graduation year and name. The price is also rich and frugal, mainly depending on the quality of the doll.

E) Portraiture

Although it is easy to record beautiful moments through photos in this era, a painting has a unique style. Draw an exclusive graduation portrait for the graduate and record her / his moments in a different way.