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What is forever rose, eternal rose or preserved flower?

Posted on July 18 2019

What is forever rose, eternal rose or preserved flower?


On Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, flower delivery seems to become the designated action. Flowers must have been the most commonly used in the past. I believe many friends have heard such words after giving flowers: "Giving flowers is too wasteful!".

Yes, many people think that sending flowers that can only be stored for only a few days to a few weeks is a bit wasteful, but how pleasant and romantic it is to collect flowers!

In recent years, a product called preserved flowers has gradually risen in the flower market and is known as a flower that will never fade. What's so special about it? We will disassemble it for you now!

What is preserved flower?

preserved flowers, eternal flowers, forever rose

Preserved flowers, also known as immortal flowers / non-withered flowers, are generally referred to as conserved flowers in Hong Kong.

Preserved flowers are made of 100% flowers. The most commonly used flowers to make preserved flowers are roses and hydrangeas.

The production method is to use flowers that are in full bloom, and use special techniques to dehydrate, decolor, dry them, and then dye them to make finished products. Because of the technical treatment, the preserved flowers are preserved in the current state of processing and will not fade. And the appearance and touch are the same as flowers. In fact, the preservation of flowers was first seen in Germany in the 20th century, and then gradually developed in Asia with the development of Japan.