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The types and language of preserved flowers (I)

Posted on August 01 2019

The types and language of preserved flowers (I)


In recent years, many people will choose to send flowers as gifts. Its diversity and long shelf life are the main reasons to attract everyone. The most common preserved flowers on the market must be roses and hydrangeas, but as the market demand for preserved flowers grows, more and more different preserved flowers are gradually produced. Today, I will sort out the various flowers and flowers in the flowers for you!

Before formally introducing the type and language of the preserved flowers, let's talk about the significance of the preserved flowers themselves.

The characteristic of preserved flowers is that they have the appearance of flowers but have a much longer shelf life than them, and they will not fade. (For a detailed introduction, please refer to another article by Xiaobian, "What is a preserved flower? What is the difference between preserved flowers and dried flowers and flowers?") Therefore, in addition to the meaning of different flowers, preserved flowers never fade Eternal love.

The meaning of preserving flowers is really fascinating. In the future, after you send flowers, remember to take a short lesson for the recipients to let her / he know your mind better! Next, let's take a formal look at the different flower materials and their language!

The types and language of preserved flowers:

1. Rose

preserved rose

Rose is the most common main flower in preserved flowers. It has different sizes and colors and is widely used in preserved flowers.

In Greek mythology, the rose is a combination of love and beauty, the embodiment of the god of beauty, and the blood of the god of love, so it symbolizes beautiful love.


2. Austin Rose

Austin Rose

The Austin rose is a classic rose from the United Kingdom, which was cultivated by David C.H Austin in the 1960s. The Austin rose covers hundreds of rose varieties, and the preserved flowers generally use the classic classical Austin rose in the picture. The Austin rose is known as the nobleman in the rose and symbolizes the love of guardianship.


3. Marian Rose

Marian Rose

Marian rose is a kind of special-shaped preserved flower rose. It is not as eye-catching as other roses, but it is more prominent than the matching flower. It is often used to set off the main flower. Marianne Rose represents tender love.


4. Hydrangea


Originating in the Mediterranean, it is world-renowned for blooming in the winter. Seeing gorgeous flowers in winter, as if looking at hope, represents hope! The flower shape of the hydrangea is round, so it also symbolizes happiness and reunion. It is the most commonly used flower arrangement in preserved flowers.


5. Sunflower


Sunflower, also known as sun flower, is named because it will turn its face with the position of the sun. There is a beautiful story about the sun flower, the goddess Mizusawa in the Greek mythology, Lotis, because of the impeccable love of the sun god Apollo, so he turned into a sun flower, facing the sun all the time, hoping that Apollo could see her one day. Therefore, the sun flower represents the unwavering love, optimism and passion. The sunflower is also the second most popular preserved flower after the rose.


To be continued...