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The type and language of preserved flowers (III)

Posted on August 15 2019

The type and language of preserved flowers (III)


In the last two parts, we introduced 10 kinds of flowers and flowers, and then we continue to explore another 5 kinds of flowers, breaking the saying that flowers are only roses and hydrangeas.

11. Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis has the reputation of "after the middle of the orchid" and is named because it resembles a butterfly. Because of the shape similar to the butterfly, it has the meaning of happiness flying towards you, representing blessing and happiness.

12. Gardenia


Gardenia flower buds are bred in winter and bloom in summer. The long-term wait is exchanged for short-term beauty, so it has the meaning of waiting and agreeing.

13. Plumeria

Frangipani is spirally scattered, the petals are white, the petals are golden-yellow, and they are named like egg whites and egg yolks. Its flower language is hope and resurrection. Because of its simplicity and freshness, as people often say simplicity is beauty and happiness.

14. Gypsophila

Gypsophila is actually a kind of common flower arrangement, because it has many small and plump heads, which are loved like stars in the sky. The starry flower language contains purity, care, and true love.

15. Sakura

Many people have a unique feeling for cherry blossoms. To this end, they will go to the outside to admire flowers and watch the cherry blossoms fall naturally, just like the next flower rain, very romantic. Cherry blossoms also represent purity and happiness.

After reading Xiaobian's finishing, isn't you surprised that there are so many kinds of flowers in the original preserved flowers? Although it is far less than the variety of flowers, the above flowers alone are enough to match more than a thousand kinds of floral products. Next time before sending flowers, you can consider other flowers besides roses to make your mind more unique!