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The type and language of preserved flowers (II)

Posted on August 08 2019

The type and language of preserved flowers (II)


In the last part, I introduced 5 kinds of flowers and the corresponding flower language, and then we continue to explore the last 5 kinds of flowers, breaking the saying that flowers are only roses and hydrangeas.

6. Blue Star Flower

Blue star flower

The blue star flower is a very fresh little flower that can be perfectly matched with any flower. Lan Xinghua's flower language is a heart of mutual trust. It means that I trust you. I have confidence in you and I also mean encouragement.

In addition, the blue star flower has a very special feature. It blooms new flowers every day and has a life span of only one day. Therefore, it also represents the meaning of cherishment. Of course, it can be stored for a long time by using the flower preservation technology!

7. Chrysanthemum


Speaking of chrysanthemums, I believe that many people will feel a little taboo, but as the times change, people have begun to accept the beauty of chrysanthemums. In fact, in ancient times, chrysanthemums symbolized auspiciousness and longevity, but also mean Gao Jie and I love you. Moreover, in Japan, which is rich in preserved flowers, chrysanthemums are used as the family emblem of the Japanese royal family. Therefore, Japan has introduced different types and colors of preserved chrysanthemums.

8. Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower

Jasmine is called "flower of love" in India, which means happiness and chastity. In other places, jasmine is the flower of friendship. Jasmine also represents pure love, love without any impurities.

9. Carnation


The most familiar carnation is the flower known as Mother's Day. On Mother's Day, filial sons and daughters will send carnations to mothers to express their hearts, so carnations represent the mother I love you. But in fact, carnations are not limited to giving to mothers, because it also has sincerity, thoughts, etc., so even on other days, you can consider giving carnations.

10. Calla lily

Calla lily

Calla Lily is named for its shape like a horseshoe. There are no rich petals stacked. Its beauty is not flamboyant, pure and elegant. Love is pure and immaculate, full of hope.


to be continued...