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Posted on February 08 2021

A girl should be a princess for at least one day in her entire life, 
and the day she is proposed is the happiest princess in the world. And girls’ favorite place to be a princess may not be the old castle,
and the 9 favorite ways for girls to propose marriage.
1. Proposal in cinema Accompany her to see a movie she likes. Before the movie is officially aired, play your masterpiece with only one line of subtitles:
"Are you willing to be my wife?" In the dim lights of the movie theater, a brilliant piece was taken out The ring, sandwiched in a pre-prepared envelope,
said "to be continued", hand it to her, although you will not win an Oscar for carefully directing this film, at least it will be recorded in the cinema
as a romantic scene" History". This kind of marriage proposal lacks the most beautiful language and eye contact, which is more suitable for boys who are not good at words.

2. Screen proposal
On the way to take her home, a huge flat screen that will pass every day becomes
"Will you marry me?" This will definitely make your marriage proposal more effective.
Not only that, the vehicles coming and going will understand your mind and wish you success.
But holding the steering wheel in your hand, you must not see her excited eyes,
and you have to be careful not to bump into the sign because of excessive excitement.

3. Fate Sky
If you are flying together, you can ask the captain to communicate your proposal to his girlfriend through the telephone system. For example, ask the captain to say:
"We are flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet and we will be able to reach the destination in nearly 40 minutes. By the way, **,
the man next to you asks you if he is lucky enough to marry you." Below, I believe you can only get a "willing", of course, there is a safe landing.

4. Video show your heart
Making a video clip of asking her to marry her can move her heart,
especially if you can watch the video with her. She will jump up with joy and will go to honeymoon with you immediately...?

5. Fate is doomed
In the park, the boy taking pictures looked at the girl on the bridge affectionately. They are so loving lovers,
running hand in hand on the path of the park, boating on the green lake and enjoying the scenery. At this moment, the boy mysteriously told the girl to close her eyes,
When she opened her eyes, the boy had already put on a diamond ring for her, and the two came together sweetly in this little sea of ​​love.

6. Cookie teaser
Buy some cookies. First you have to open that lucky cookie. This is not easy.
Maybe you need to ask the bakery to make a special lucky cookie that hides the engagement ring for you.
Hid the engagement ring for her in a lucky cookie, and at the same time enclose a sentence: "My dear, it is my luck to meet you, please marry me!

7. Love the sea of ​​love
Use the beautiful and romantic marine creatures to convey your love vows.
Use the most romantic way of the surrounding environment. When spreading under the moonlight by the sea,
you can put the wedding diamond ring in the exquisite shell and the child will give it to her. She will definitely Moved by your romantic feelings.

8. Happy birthday It is also a good way to propose to her on her birthday.
Another advantage of this is that she might not notice that you forgot to bring her a birthday present.

9. Surprise Valentine's Day Since every Valentine's Day is a love card, roses, and chocolate, why not give her the greatest love expression on Valentine's Day-to propose to her?
In this way, your girlfriend will never forget this holiday. The only disadvantage of this is that in the following Valentine's Day,
it will be difficult for you to find a gift comparable to this gift.