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How to choose a wedding bouquet? Analyze from flower material and shape for you

Posted on December 05 2019

How to choose a wedding bouquet? Analyze from flower material and shape for you


Every girl is eager to have a dreamy and romantic wedding, leaving unforgettable memories for her life, and the flower ball at the wedding can be said to be a very important prop of the day! Choosing the right flower ball can add icing on the cake.

To choose a suitable flower ball, you can start with the shape and flower material. Today, Xiaobian sorted out the various choices of flower balls and their advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help a group of prospective brides better understand what kind of flower balls they need.

A) Flower material

Flowers and silk flowers are common flowers, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, dried flower balls and preserved flower balls have gradually appeared. Let us see what is the difference.

1. Flowers

Flowers have the best visual effects, but require less care. In order to prevent the flower ball from fading / yellowing during the wedding, it is necessary to prepare water with nutrient solution, and it is best to soak the water immediately when not in use. In addition, because flowers are affected seasonally, certain flower species are not available all year round, and have less flexibility. In general, flowers can only be stored for a few days to a few weeks, not for long-term storage.

2. Silk flower

Although silk flowers are not as good as flowers visually, they won't fade away and are easy to take care of. Even a careless prospective bride is not afraid to break the flower ball easily. With the development, the simulation degree of silk flower is getting higher and higher. And silk flowers are not affected by the seasons, you can choose your favorite flowers at any time.

3. Dried flowers

Dried flowers will not fade, but they are not as changeable as the former two. Because dried flowers are made by natural air-drying, the flowers shrink and become brittle. In addition, the dried flowers are dull in color and low in plasticity.

4. Preserved flowers

Due to the long shelf life of the preserved flower ball, it has become more and more popular in recent years. Preserved flowers are made of flowers, and special techniques are used to keep the flowers fresh and not wither. And the appearance is no different from flowers, and the visual effect is good. But it also takes less care, but it is simpler than flowers. The long shelf life can be kept after the wedding.

Preserved flowers can be dyed with unique colors, and new flower materials are continuously introduced, not only limited to roses, but also highly plastic. Interested in learning more about preserving flowers, you can visit our two other articles

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the four commonly used flower ball flowers, you can choose according to your needs. After reading the commonly used flower materials, let's take a look at some of the shapes of flower balls.

B) Flower ball shape

Choosing the shape of the flower ball is also a university question. In addition to personal preferences, it is also necessary to match the bride's wedding dress and height, as well as the venue style.

1. Round flower ball

The most classic flower ball shape is very versatile, suitable for any wedding dress and height. Because the flower ball is filled with a filling method, no matter what angle you shoot, you can capture the beauty of the flower ball, and it can also prevent the photographer's capture time from affecting the entire photo because the flower ball is not beautiful.

2. Small flower ball

The flower ball popular in the 1980s is characterized by less flowers and more green leaves. The appearance is similar to the round flower ball, but it is relatively small, so it is suitable for some petite brides. It will not steal the gown of the dress because the flower ball looks too large.

3.Water drop flower ball

The most traditional and formal flower ball in the West. This flower ball has a dome and tail design. The top is rounded with a bouquet. The tail is made of inverted flowers to form an inverted triangle tail. Due to the large size of the flower ball, it is suitable for the bride with a fuller figure, which makes the bride's figure more slender and slender.

4. Curved long flower ball


Also known as a scepter type flower ball / meniscus flower ball. This flower ball design is more flexible and can be simple, elegant or individual. It is mainly designed with flowers with elongated flower stems and branches and leaves. The tail can directly expose the flower stems, and it can also be covered with a ribbon tied with a bow. This flower ball is more suitable for tall brides, more generous and decent. And this kind of long bouquet is best matched with a long skirt.

5. Idyllic flower ball

Seemingly random design, there is no established form. There are usually more green leaves to match, which is very suitable for weddings on the grass. Simple and eye-catching, dresses with simple designs are most suitable.

I believe that after reading the above introduction, everyone has a preliminary idea of which type of flower ball to choose. Finally, I will introduce the flower materials commonly used in flower balls.