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Home decoration/taboo

Posted on February 08 2021

Home decoration/taboo
Life is not easy, so I bought a house hard and finally got a home of my own. 
In a space of several hundred feet, functions such as living, eating,
and leisure are all needed. The key is that you may be offended if you are not careful. Home Feng Shui Taboo
1. Keep the environment clean and tidy From the perspective of feng shui, dirty air will be generated where debris is piled up,
which seems to affect the overall fortune. In particular, it should be noted that too many debris should be placed under the bed,
which is likely to harm the health of the occupants. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean up the items that are not needed in the home to maintain a clean, tidy,
refreshing and burden-free living environment, which naturally has a good effect on the body.

2. Open the door and see the window
The door is opened facing the back door or window. It is commonly known in Feng Shui as "Tuntang Sha", which is a common Feng Shui taboo in home Feng Shui.
Especially in several rooms in Xiaoping, due to the limited space conditions, it is inevitable to open the door to see the window. It is recommended to install a screen to block the entrance view and relieve the evil spirit.
Choose a matte and penetrating material to extend the light. Keep the space bright.

3. The mirror is facing the bed
Many girls yearn for a large full-length mirror in the room so that they can look at their appearance when going out;
mirrors are often used as an interior design technique to create visual magnification. However,
be careful that the mirror should not be directly facing the bed, otherwise it will easily affect the quality of sleep.
It is recommended to move the position of the mirror, or install curtains and doors, and hide it when not in use.

4. Keep ventilated and bright
Keeping the space bright and ventilated is definitely the first condition for good Feng Shui. If you live in a humid and dark environment for a long time,
it will inevitably affect your physiology and psychology over time.Therefore, whether you are buying a house or renting a house,
it is recommended to choose a room type with external windows. Open the windows frequently to maintain light and air convection to bring a good atmosphere to the space.

5. The color layout should not be too deep
Appropriate style transformation of the house can bring a rich atmosphere to life, but light colors should be used in the choice of colors to keep the vision refreshing and comfortable,
and it can also bring a spacious effect to the small suite; avoid choosing too cold , Dark tones, not only easily oppress the visual sense of space, but also may cause psychological pressure.

6. Avoid the bed facing the door
The bed feng shui is also a university question, no matter what kind of room you need to pay more attention to. 
It is recommended to place the bed in the small suite at the diagonally opposite corner of the door,
so as not to see the feng shui problem of the bed as soon as you enter the door; in addition, avoid the end of the bed directly facing the door,
otherwise it will form a door punch pattern and the occupants’ emotions Easily disturbed, restless, and have a great impact on physical health.