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6 selected gifts for girlfriend on birthday, Valentine's Day and anniversary (I)

Posted on September 26 2019

6 selected gifts for girlfriend on birthday, Valentine's Day and anniversary (I)


Every year, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and the other half of the birthday are the most troubled times for men! Because if you want to give something to the other half, you are really "headshot" at any time! Xiao Bian selected 6 kinds of thought gifts that are common on birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day, to help all men to solve their difficulties!

In fact, girls 'minds are not as complicated as men's thoughts. As long as they pay more attention to the habits and preferences of the other half, I believe that with the selection of security brand gifts by Xiaobian, they can easily win girls' favor!

A) perfume

perfume as a gift

It is said that perfume is a woman's invisible charm. Even girls who do n’t spray perfume usually do n’t make mistakes when sending perfume! Men may not understand what a perfume is before, after, or after it, but it must be able to tell whether the other half of the perfume used daily is thicker, lighter or sweeter. Pay attention to what type she uses, and you won't make a big mistake when buying in that direction.

In terms of brand, girls generally have a few in love, pay attention to her usual preferences, just choose one in the wrap! If the other half is a perfume collection enthusiast, basically buying her favorite brand, the latest collection is just fine.

If she will always use only one perfume, she can secretly see which one, and then go to the shop and ask the staff to recommend you something similar. If you're afraid of choosing exactly what the other party doesn't like, consider buying a perfume set. There are multiple flavors in a set, and there are always a few that she will like! It can also be so beautiful that she can choose the flavor she wants according to her daily mood. How romantic!

If she never uses perfume, she definitely recommends buying a lighter taste. Imagine a person who has never used perfume for the first time. As for the brand, you can choose more women, such as Dxox, Chxxel, Jx Mxxxxx and so on. It is best to choose classic perfumes from the brand, which are not error-prone.

There is a romantic way to buy two perfumes of the same type, one for each person and the other half. Of course it is not for men to spray themselves! You can use it on the incense stone, or put it at home / carry it with you, and tell her that it belongs to you and her taste. When she is not around, she smells it like she is with you! In this way, even if the other party did not like it very much, it will be sweet to you.

Warm reminder, make sure the subject is not allergic to perfume! Xiao Bian has a male friend who once chose to send perfume when pursuing a woman, but the other person is allergic to perfume, how awkward. . . But if you do n’t even know if the other half is allergic to perfume! So Xiaobian can also help.

B) Camera


Modern people like taking photos and punching cards has become a habit, and many people even want to post every day. If your spouse has this habit, you can see if she likes taking selfies or taking landscapes. For selfies, the best camera with a beauty function is available. For those who like to take pictures of landscapes, send a micro SLR camera! Of course, girls should take their pictures with them. It is not suitable to send a camera that is too heavy or too heavy. It is best to send a miniature SLR with good performance and light weight.

As for the other half, if you do n’t have the habit of taking pictures, it ’s also very suitable to send a camera. Just add the sentence: "I hope this camera can record every bit of our place, because every moment with you is memorable. ". This way she will be very satisfied!

Here is a little method to increase the sincerity of the gift. Before you send it, use the camera to take your own video. Do n’t tell the other person to wait for the other person to find out that the video can be a deep talk / even sing a love song, which is also very good. Little surprise.

C) Make it by yourself

If time permits, I believe this gift is the most sincere! Regardless of how well it is done, the other half just feels very worried as long as they hear the keyword "I did it myself". Here are a few gifts that are suitable for making by yourself and are not error-prone.

I) Cake


Cake is a must-have in many festivals, whether it is sweet taste enjoyment or beautiful visual enjoyment. If you made it yourself for her, I believe no girl would not like it!

If you are not confident in your cooking skills, you can join some cake classes on the market. From small class teaching to one-to-one teaching by mentors, they are all choices. And you can choose the theme of the cake, cartoon / flower cake is very popular with ladies!

In recent years, there is also a crystal ball cake that is also very popular. In addition to flowers, dolls, and photos, you can also place small gifts you prepared in the crystal ball, which will satisfy her two wishes at once.

II) Album


The commemorative photo album has always been one of the DIY gifts that will not be overdone. It's not difficult to make it at all, print out the sweet photos between you, and you can buy DIY photo albums at ordinary stationery stores. You can write what you want to say to her under each photo. The editor suggested to arrange the photos in chronological order, and write down the mood at the time under each photo, which can evoke sweet memories between you.

If the time is really not allowed / men with handicapped people, you can go to a certain treasure, search for "photo album customization", there are many options, as long as you can complete it by mobile phone! But the content requires you to think about it!

III) Handmade scented candle

Handmade scented candle

Many girls like to scent their aroma before bedtime to relax the busyness and stress of the day. There are a lot of aroma candle workshops on the market. Let her fall asleep sweetly every night.

To be continued...