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5 creative proposal surprises moved her to tears and immediately Say Yes! (I)

Posted on August 29 2019

5 creative proposal surprises moved her to tears and immediately Say Yes! (I)


How many people have been waiting for the right person at the right time. If you are fortunate enough to meet your Ms Right, and plan to go hand in hand to white head, hoping to give her one of the most romantic and pleasant proposal, let her nodded without hesitation Say Yes! Then we must carefully refer to the 5 surprise proposal methods arranged by Xiaobian for everyone, so that you can get married in one fell swoop!

A) Your unique love movie

I believe that many couples usually have the habit of taking pictures / videos to record their lives. This will become a very useful proposal tool!
Use these everyday photos / movies to make a love movie that belongs to you. You can arrange the order of photos / movies according to your chronological order, add subtitle descriptions, and write some current moods, such as:

记得 "I remember my first date, but I was really nervous, but I had to pretend to be calm. I never told you that I was so nervous that I had insomnia the day before."

In this way, everyone can recall the past, and add subtitles that describe her heart, so that she can experience the scene in person, and evoke the sweet feeling when she first met.

In addition to sweet memories, you can also join the past quarrel situation:

"Remember that we had a big fight. The next day I saw your crying eyes. I hugged your present tightly and told myself that I would never let you feel sad again."

If you don't have many photos / videos, you can take a personal trip to your place of memorable value, take photos / record videos including you. And you can join the blessing videos of friends and relatives on both sides, so that the degree of moving is greatly improved! Remember that videos can use songs that make sense to you as background music.

Of course, you can say something at the end of the movie:

"Will you be the heroine of my life? Will You Marry Me?"

After she watched the video, she worked with you on one knee on the scene and took out the prepared wedding ring. I believe she has been touched by you so much that you can't ego!
Along with the film itself, the playing venue is also important. You can choose to be in the theater, let her think it is an ordinary date, and then play your love movie on the big screen. You can also arrange a group of friends and relatives to come to the scene in advance, and send a blessing together at the end. You can also play it in the Party Room, a place that is memorable to you. If you want a low-key romance, you can choose to do it at home.

B) Travel proposal

Travel proposal

Choose a meaningful travel location, either the first time you travel with the other half, or a place that the other person wants to go but has never been to. In the process, you can shoot and record the details of the proposal for future memory, and you can also play it at the wedding. With the cover of travel, your girlfriend will never wonder how you have been shooting. The other half thought that this was an ordinary journey, and she was immersed in a pleasant atmosphere, and the success rate of marriage proposal naturally increased greatly!

The first method is to arrange the venue for marriage on the last day of the journey. It can be a hotel room, and I want to distinguish the law and I can arrange it in the room alone. A friend of the editor used a terrible excuse. After going out together, he said he forgot to take something and asked his girlfriend to wait downstairs. Then after pre-arranging, he pretended that the room was leaking and asked his girlfriend to come up to help pack things. In the end, his marriage proposal was a big success. Everyone can also play with your little universe and think of more innovative excuses. In addition to the hotel room, it can also be a romantic restaurant. The staff of the restaurant can be arranged in advance for help. Of course, if you have permission, you can ask relatives, friends, and friends to secretly go abroad together, so that you can be your little helper in proposing marriage, and the arrangement is even more error-free! There are also some romantic places to consider, such as under the Eiffel Tower.

The second method, you can choose to arrange a family and friends to pick up on the day of the return trip, and hold a large Banner in your hand and write Will You Marry Me? When she was surprised, she took out the prepared wedding ring and kneeled on one knee. In the atmosphere of a relaxed and happy journey, I believe she will immediately Say Yes!

The third method, if you are sure of your proposal, you can arrange to register for marriage directly during the journey. Of course, you must arrange all the procedures in advance, and you can also ask some companies that specialize in preparing for a trip to get married. A friend once chose to marry the other half in the Vatican because the Vatican does not legally allow a divorce! How romantic the whole thing is, like telling your determination and sincerity! Interested friends do not imitate more understanding. You can cooperate with this sentence: "I hope to be a couple with you in a country where divorce is not allowed, because I only need your wife in this life!". I believe that when girls hear such an extremely romantic dialogue, it is difficult to resist!

But on the day when the wedding was planned, I told my girlfriend early in the morning that I wanted to take you to a special place, and then blindfold her and take her carefully to the wedding venue. The moment you put down your blindfold, you put on your dress, kneel on one knee, take out the prepared wedding ring, and say, "Will you marry me?" Even if she can guess that you are asking for a marriage, she must not guess that you are ready for the wedding. With such sincerity, is it possible to refuse? You can also invite your friends and relatives to witness and make that day your most memorable day. Warm reminder! If you choose this method, it is best to prepare the bride's wedding dress in advance! On weekdays, deliberately or unintentionally explore her preferences, making the whole wedding more perfect!