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2020 Valentine's Day gift giving tips

Posted on December 19 2019

2020 Valentine's Day gift giving tips


Valentine's Day will be more than a month away. At this time of the year, the most annoying thing for everyone must be the gift to the other half. In view of this, Xiaobian has carefully arranged 6 Valentine's Day gifts from 2020 to romantic, for you to send to the other half of the heart, to create an unforgettable memory.

A) Chocolates that never go out of style

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, I believe that many people think of chocolate for the first time. Although it has always been a tradition to give chocolates on Valentine's Day, it will never be out of date. On the Valentine's Day, I will send the other hand-made chocolates for myself.
It is also very simple to make. As long as you have the required molds (heart-shaped, cartoon, etc.), you can easily buy DIY chocolate bricks at the bakery store. You can choose the cocoa concentration that you like according to the preference of the other half. Dissolve the chocolate heat-insulated water seat, carefully pour it into the mold with clean tools, wait for it to cool, and finally put it in a delicate gift box. Simple and thoughtful, everyone doesn't try it.
Of course, if you have no confidence in your cooking skills, you can also choose to buy ready-made chocolates. I believe that as long as they are sent by the lover, they will still be very happy to receive them!

B) Preserved flowers

Nine out of ten women love to collect flowers. Even if they say waste while collecting flowers, their faces can't stop the joy. But sending flowers can only save for a few days to a few weeks, which is inevitably a bit wasteful. So you can consider sending more and more people's choice of preserved flowers in recent years.
The appearance of preserved flowers is the same as that of flowers, but the preservation time can be at least 2 years, which can make girls feel satisfied with receiving flowers without being too wasteful.
There are many different styles of flowers to choose from, ranging from bouquets to glass decoration or Bluetooth audio. You can pay attention to the other half of the weekdays and choose the most suitable flower for her.
Moreover, the preservation of flowers has a very romantic meaning. Because the preservation of flowers is made of 100% flowers, it is also known as a flower that never fades, which represents an enduring love.

C) Lovers Outfit

Both couples and couples are sure to choose to give this gift. Couple outfits don't necessarily mean clothes, here are a few couple outfits recommended by the editor.

1. Couple watch

The existence of watches for modern people is not just a simple way to check the time, but a taste of life. And sending a watch has a romantic meaning, that is, giving it to the loved one, walking every minute and every second together forever. If the other half does not have a special watch style, you can choose some more versatile styles to facilitate any occasion.

2. Couple rings

The ring symbolizes happiness and eternal love, and can be given to the other half even before they get married. Couple rings are on the market, and there is always a suitable one. Remember to wear your ring finger on your left hand for marriage, and a right ring finger for love!

3. Couple shoes

couple shoes

In South Korea, it is very romantic for a guy to send a girl's shoes to the other person to "walk with me". But if you are more concerned about the homonym of the word "shoes", you can buy it with the other half. At the same time, you can avoid buying the other party.

4.Couple phone case

couple phone cases
Mobile phones are a necessity for modern people, and giving her a phone case that is the same as yours is also a good choice. If you can all accept it, you can even order a mobile phone case with your photo. If you want to be low-key, you can print the names of both of you. Of course, you can also choose a couple mobile phone case with the same paragraph.

4) Valentine's Day Dinner

Order a hearty Valentine's Day dinner for Valentine's Day? If you and your other half like to look for food on weekdays, then do n’t imitate a delicious Valentine ’s Day meal on the other day! Whether it's a carefully selected specialty restaurant or cooking in person during the festive season is a good choice. But I would like to remind you that the seats in each restaurant on Valentine's Day must be very hot, everyone remembers to book early.

V) DIY photo album

The commemorative album has always been one of DIY gifts. It's not difficult to make at all, print out the sweet photos between you, you can buy DIY photo albums at ordinary stationery stores, and you can write what you want to say to the other person under each photo. The editor suggested to arrange the photos in chronological order, and write down the mood at the time under each photo, which can evoke sweet memories between you.

6) Warm Scarf

Another timeless Valentine's Day gift is the warm brand scarf. The scarf made by the other half will be warmed around the body. If you want to give your other half a romantic surprise on Valentine's Day, hurry up and make your love scarf now.

I hope that the above 6 selected romantic gifts can give everyone a clue about what to give to the other half on Valentine's Day. I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day.